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Islamic Medicine in Pictures Presented by Husain Nagamia MD, FRCS

A Museum and Library Of Islamic Medical History

 A new perspective

Husain F.Nagamia MD FRCS (Eng and Edin)

Chairman, International Institute of Islamic Medicine (IIIM)

Chief Emeritus, Dept. Cardio Vascular Surgery Cardiac Institute of Florida Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of S. Florida Medical School, Tampa , Florida, USA .


Islamic Medical History is one of the richest heritages of the Islamic Civilization. Soon after our beloved Prophet (pbuh) had brought to humanity the message of Islam, and in a span of less than two centuries, this message had spread far and wide across the globe covering a large geographical area which included many different countries, cultures, races, and peoples who spoke many different languages. These divergent cultures were all thrown into a single crucible, causing a catalytic reaction that was to cause the synthesis of a great nation that had almost no parallels in history of mankind. In the midst of this vast Muslim Empire, a class of people evolved that were keen and thirsty for knowledge. These scholars belonged not only to the elitist of this society or the ruling class, but also encompassed all its strata, the nobility, the middle and the working class.

This new civilization knew no boundaries of race, religion, color or creed, and as dictated by the tenets of this new religion of Islam, knowledge thrived, mushroomed and reached...............

Pioneers of Islamic Medicine

Presented by

Dr. Abdel Nasser Kaadan
IMANA -Islamic Medical Association

of North America
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