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Islamic Medicine in Pictures Presented by Husain Nagamia MD, FRCS

IIIM Exhibition

Purpose: Inform Muslims and Non-Muslims about the rich heritage of “History of Islamic Medicine”

Introduction: For one thousand years during the triumphant years of the Islamic Civilization there was no other medicine practiced except “Islamic Medicine.” This era started soon after Hijra AH (the start of the Muslim Calendar 622 CE) and spanned for almost one thousand years.

The Exhibit: In this exhibit we trace the origins of this scintillating period in Medicine,

which was started, with assimilation of medical knowledge from existing but declining civilizations. The knowledge came mainly from Greek civilization, but also from Byzantine (Roman), Syriac, Indian and even Chinese sources. All this knowledge was then translated into Arabic either directly or through Syriac. It was then codified, systematized, critically analyzed, refined and considerably added to. Finally it was Islamiczied to be acceptable to the masses. It was ultimately converted into a scientific and rational system of ....read more in pdf file

Pioneers of Islamic Medicine

Presented by

Dr. Abdel Nasser Kaadan
IMANA -Islamic Medical Association

of North America
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